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Dilasagram is the first established centre of the province. It was on 24thJanuary 1974. Dilasagram officially started its activities. It was the first Regional House of the Congregation from where all other activities were administered. On 4thAugust 1976 Dilasagram English Medium School was opened. On 4thAugust 1978, Dilasagram Society was registered as Public Charitable Trust. Aiming at the welfare of the village girls, Dilasagram Social Service centre opened a Gruhini School on 17th January 1978. On 20thSeptember 2006 Dilasagram Social Service Association (DISSA) was registered. Dilasagram undertakes Education, Social and Pastoral ministries. This centre comes under Chanda Diocese.

Now there are two schools both State and CBSE Syllabus here giving, quality and outstanding education. In the Vocational Training Centre( Gruhni) many girls were given training in stitching and knitting and now this centre gives job opportunity to deserving women and girls,  to stitch uniforms different schools as per the order. The Social work department of the centre organises various programmes for community development, women and youth empowerment. They conduct capacity building sessions and vocational skill training for youth and women.  They are motivating and helped to start   affordable income generating programmes. People are given awareness and training in PRI and different Govt. schemes. As part of it, Day a Care Centre for Differently able children wasopened here, DilasagramBalbhavangivesday care, speech and physiotherapies, activities of daily living, giving tuition and enrols them to Zilla Parishad schools. It also extends door to door service (CBR) to children who are not able to come to this centre.


Tera Perm Convent at Warur, is the first community of the Congregation in India. It was opened on 24th January 1974. The province network with the diocese of Chanda here both in health and education ministries. Sisters work in Loud Matha English Medium School and community health centre. Sisters also take care of the school boarding and involve the parish activities.