The Ring: According to the tradition of the congregation sisters receive a gold ring on their Final Commitment day. Sisters in India proposed to have silver ring instead of the gold one to identify themselves with the common citizen of India. The General Team accepted this proposal from September 19, 1982.

Change of Religious dress in the region: In the year 1983, when the sisters set out to work in the village Adegaon, they proposed to wear sari instead of religious habit. Hence the sisters who work in the villages were given individual permission from the General team in 1984. Later the region held an evaluation on this issue and permitted all sisters to wear sari from 1986. In 1992 sari was accepted as official religious dress for the sisters of the Holy Spirit in India.

Change of Medal: Indian sisters wished to have a new medal of cross with flame, instead of the medal with the dove. General team responded to the request of the Indian sisters to change the medal in 1986 but in the General Chapter in 2004 it was decided to have a common medal for all sisters, but a smaller size of the same medal of the German sisters for the sisters in India.

Farewell: Sr.M.Alberta Haupenthal was born on 19th May 1936 in Dudweiler, Saarbruecken. She arrived in India in 1975. She spent 15 precious years in Indian Mission and went back to Germany due to her ill health. She was the first Superior in charge of the Indian Mission. She served the congregation as Superior, Concillor, and Formator. She was a person with vision, confidence, enthusiasm and radiating joy. Though the life in India was entirely different from Germany, she could identify herself with the locality where she lived. She had an interest to study Indian culture and spirituality. On January 20, 1990 she was given a fare well at the Regional level. On this occasion the region thanked her for sharing of life and inspiring values. She breathed her last on 6th January 1996. Though she is no more with us her loving memories and challenging inspirations live afresh in our hearts.